The Asian Fluid Mechanics Committee (AFMC) was founded in 1980 in India. The founders of AFMC are Prof. H. Sato (Japan), Prof. M. Narasimha (India) and Prof. Peiyuan Chou (China). And the objective of establishing AFMC was to advance research in Fluid Mechanics in Asia through interaction and exchange of information between workers in the field of Fluid Mechanics.

AFMC’s main activity is organizing the Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics (ACFM) every 2-3 years. The first ACFM was held in 1980 in Bengaluru, India and since then 15 more congresses have been organized so far. Past Congresses venues are: Bangalore,Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Daejeon, Singapore, Chennai, Shenzhen, Isfahan, Peradeniya, Kuala Lumpur, Daejeon, Dhaka, Hanoi and Kuching,. ACFMs have helped in advancing fluid mechanics research in Asia and in establishing links between Asian and international scientists.

The 16th ACFM will be held in Bengaluru India during 13-17 December 2019. The venue is the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR).

The executive council including chairman and vice-chairmen, and place of holding ACFM are chronologically listed as follows:

Congress Place Chairman Vice-Chairman
Ⅰ (1980) Bangalore, India H. Sato (Japan) R. Narasimha (India)
Ⅱ (1983)
Ⅲ (1986)
Ⅳ (1989)
Beijing, China
Tokyo, Japan
Hong Kong
H. Sato (Japan) R. Narasimha (India)
Lin Tongji (China)
Ⅴ (1992)
Ⅵ (1995)
Taejon, Korea
R. Narasimha (India) Zhou Heng (China)
M. Kiya (Japan)
Ⅶ (1997) Chennai, India R. Narasimha (India) Cui Erjie (China)
M. Kiya (Japan)
Ⅷ (1999)
Ⅸ (2002)
Ⅹ (2004)
Shenzhen, China
Isfahan, Iran
Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
M. Kiya (Japan) Cui Erjie (China)
T. S. Prahlad (India)
Ⅺ (2006) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Li Jiachun (China) Yu Fukunishi (Japan)
P. R. Viswanath (India)
XII (2008) Daejeon, Korea Li Jiachun (China) P. R. Viswanath (India)
Yu Fukunishi (Japan)
XIII (2010) Dhaka, Bangladesh Li Jiachun (China) G. S. Bhat (India)
Yu Fukunishi (Japan)
XIV (2013) Hanoi, Vietnam Li Jiachun (China) G. S. Bhat (India)
Yu Fukunishi (Japan)
        Executive Committee
XV (2016) Kuching, Malaysia G S Bhat (India) Song Fu (China)
Duong Ngoc Hai (Vietnam)
Osamu Mochizuki (Japan)
C. S. Ow (Malaysia)
XVI (2019) Bengaluru, India G S Bhat (India) Song Fu (China)
Osamu Mochizuki (Japan)
Kannan Munisamy (Malaysia)


  • AA Bidokhti (Iran)
  • YT Chew (Singapore)
  • DN Hai (Vietnam)
  • Fazle Hussain (USA)
  • Hitoshi Ishikawa (Japan)
  • AKM Sadrul Islam (Bangladesh)
  • J Ahmad Khan (Pakistan)
  • Victor V Kozlov (Russia)
  • Sang-Joon Lee (Korea)
  • Qing-Quan Liu (China)
  • Sekhar Mazumdar (India)
  • Sanjay Mittal (India)
  • Sri Redjeki Pudjaprasetya (Indonesia)
  • Chank Shu (Singapore)
  • Wei Shyy (KH-China)
  • CP Tso (Malaysia)
  • SB Weerakoon (Sri Lanka)
  • Jin-Jun Wang (China)


Honorary Members

  • R Narasimha (India)
  • M Kiya (Japan)
  • Jiachun Li (China)


Local Organising Committee

  • K R Srinivas (India)