Indian National Committes for Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics (INCOAF)

INCOAF was set up to coordinate the participation of Indian delegates in ACFM. INCOAF helps in reviewing the abstracts from India submitted to ACFM. Till recently, it worked to have a strong Indian participation in each of the ACFMs by pooling the financial grants provided by various organizations and making group arrangements for travel, accommodation, etc.

This made it possible to have a much larger Indian participation than possible by individual efforts for the same amount of money. Owing to the changes in the policies of funding agencies that prefer to directly support individuals than through a pooled funds, INCOAF is no longer involved in seeking funds to Indian delegates.

Now it acts as a facilitator of ACFM in India by giving publicity to ACFM announcements, encouraging submission of abstracts, reviewing abstracts, nominating invited speakers from India and providing general information to the Indian delegates to ACFM.